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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 6

Posted 29th March 2020 at 22:07 by Cormack
Sunday. Same as every other day, now.

Text, 10.39a.m., 29/03/20

NHS Coronavirus Service: Remember, millions of people are staying home at the moment. You are one of the many doing your best to protect yourself, your community and the NHS. Share your experiences over the phone and on social media. Stay apart from others until you are advised that it is safe to return to normal.

Read more about the latest guidance abut the virus.

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How would I know if millions of people are staying at home at the moment? The door's closed. (With apologies to Douglas Adams).

My brother has assumed my mantle as the opportunist shopper as he has been picking up no end of knockdown end-of-day bargains when he does a round. They tend to be in the fresh meats and more pointedly, fish and shellfish aisles. As I repeatedly say, even in crisis there are people who will look at sea creatures as Loki's work. More for us, then

Today, I baked. A pan of scratch brownies from my ingredients cupboard and a batch of very easy but pretty tidy biscuits as an experiment. Made a sea bass curry as well which was phenomenal. Mrs C and daughter baked some cupcakes out of a box for a bit of an activity and now we sound like an Enid Blyton family (albeit without the Dick and Fanny, which I maintain she did for her own jollies. I know Fanny gets traded down to Franny in some reprints. Don't know about the Dicks).

That's me sharing my experiences on social media, anyway, you unresponsive shower (ML excepted). Spoke to my niece as well for an hour or so. She's in lockdown with her couple of toddlers, on the same biologic that I am/was, so immunosuppressed. She's having to occupy two little 'uns, I'm schooling two big 'uns, I don't think I'd switch under these restrictions and let's face it, I'm a geek as well...

78 to go (for now). Stay well
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