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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 4

Posted 27th March 2020 at 22:52 by Cormack
A quieter day in store today. Son was on physics, which is not my long suit, daughter was on World Wars again, which is not my long suit and Mrs C asked me about the fundamentals of my work, which is not my long suit.

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We were all a bit subdued today. I don't know if it's an end of the working week thing, the lack of impetus in the work we had on the day or the evolution of the outdoors situation of proper social distancing - Mrs C was particularly down, especially as forager-in-chief. That despondency transmitted through us all and what with me having a slight Crohn's irregularity (no real symptoms but I am off in front of goal, as it were, and it does fatigue me) it was hard for us all to lift each other.

Even the dog has been a bit off. Had my stint in the garden, cooler than yesterday, read a bit more of the Barry Richards book but the dog refused to settle and so it was a very much staccato read. Mrs C is also badgering me about completing my will. There's a moodkiller if ever there was one.

My brother, meanwhile, has picked up the ball and run with it. He's at Mum's currently and is ensuring she doesn't go out, which is a battle of wills that he shouldn't win, frankly. He is running the errands for the household. His ex-wife has COPD and is alone, so he's running errands there.too. His daughter, my niece is on immunosuppresants and biologics so he's doing a bit there as well (although her other half is doing the lion's share, he is a keyworker and can't be there for a lot of it) and his recent ex, meanwhile, is also immunocompromised and recently had a TIA. In short, he is running the gauntlet for four different women and also offered to do the five mile run and do mine too. He's an obstreporous sort, smokes, drinks, permanent cough and a life in construction means his back is shot on every second day, but like my old man before him, if you tell him he's got to eat lima beans, he'll eat lima beans. We're a stubborn lot and on both sides.

You'd never know from me, of course.

There's therapy in this blog - I felt a bit worse than I do now when I started out this post. Going to check in with the fellow Stubborns. Even my phone calls have been out of sync with me today.

Might have a beer. Stay well
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