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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 2

Posted 25th March 2020 at 19:29 by Cormack
2nd day of imposed isolation, dial-in with colleagues early on just to check we're all fine and briefs and updates


Text, 3.18pm, 25/03/20

NHS Coronavirus Service: Check you have a few important items for the next few weeks such as fresh, frozen or tinned vegetables, dry food and soap for handwashing. Don't worry if you're missing any items. Ask a friend, neighbour or relative to leave what you need at your door. If you need support, use http://www.gov.uk/coronavirus-extremely-vulnerable to ask for help.

Be prepared in case you need to go into hospital, get a single bag ready with your key health information and essentials for an overnight stay.

The latest advice is here http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

To opt out reply STOP


Remember when you were at school during exam season, scribbling away while that seg on your finger grew and grew while outside, it was a glorious 80 degrees in old money and the sun was cracking the flags and splitting the earth? Well today I got to sit once again in front of my front room's south-facing window and watch the sun traverse the sky with my window open because I'm not allowed out. Got to stand by the open French window for a few minutes earlier. I am Rudolf Hess only without a lamp flex, so that's a mercy.

Today was Chemistry, pre-WW1 history and a bit of maths. Quite fun in a way kicking about with my thirteen-year-old how one Serb managed to start a pan-European pagga by tipping the first domino.

Dog doesn't accept that I can put on a pair of shoes or slippers (so slippers until June, ffs) and not be taking her out and so looks at me like a shoe salesman. Mrs C has taken her with the youngest for today's constitutional while I sit here and listen to birds mock me through the open window.

If I can't go out, how do I get a neighbour to help me and as for leaving stuff at my door, that's all gone a bit shrine-like, hasn't it?

Spoke to my brother late yesterday and he continues to have to go to work (construction) and has been having buses to himself and getting on for free because the drivers won't handle cash. He also has a perpetual smoker's cough which must be hilarious in a crowd Mrs Cormack meanwhile found eggs, nae fuss yesterday. Wherever the panic is, it wasn't there.

It's been an exceptional ten days, all, considering where we were when Cheltenham was allowed to finish - stay well
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