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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 1

Posted 24th March 2020 at 17:04 by Cormack
Updated 24th March 2020 at 18:22 by Cormack
Text, 1.33pm, 24/03/20

NHS Coronavirus Service: Do you live with others? This advice will keep you safer from the virus:
- Sleep separately if you can
- Stay three steps away from others at home. Keep away from children
- Only essential carers should visit
- Wash your hands more often for 20 seconds and always before eating. Moisturise if your skin gets dry
- Eat separately, using your own cutlery, dishcloths and towels
- Clean and wipe down surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and door handles before use
- If you can, use separate bathrooms. If you share a bathroom, use it first and clean between uses.


Day 1 is the day after the night before. Pretty sanguine, all things being equal, as Liverpool hasn't seemed particularly manic - FWIW, I could find pasta, paracetamol, toilet roll without having to go postal, so panic-buying has not gone extreme - and there's still frozen fish...

All home, prescriptions have been passed directly to the chemist next door and Mrs C has gone to collect for me. There is a substantial queue and they have to be outside.

Kids have schoolwork to do and it's pretty nice to have them around and watch them in their own graft. I've been involved in cells in general, osmosis, client servers, trigonometry and constructions, and English Language today and it's nice to be able to kick that ball around with them. Any tips on the onset of WW1 would be appreciated.

Mrs C is wearing her every last nerve, including having dreams about being chased by Wuhan City residents - she is a worrier and it seems on this occasion, she has plenty to worry about.

The hound is flat out beside me and oblivious. The kids will take up my and her exercise slack. Picking up the dog eggs will be a novelty for them, but as Dolly said, if you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with the rain.

Current reading - Ken Pye - More Merseyside Tales, an archetypal 'bog book' which, when you read it, you develop red circles on the front of your thighs. Am about to pull the trigger on the Barry Richards book too.

On the upside for all is that I'm in the kitchen in general - if Oliver! had had French toast (it's eggy bread, btw, no airs or graces here) instead of gruel, our back room would have made a good scene earlier - all three inmates have found that this comfort basic as a firm favourite and it makes me look great... Draw is important, mind - high draw usually does best for content. More the upside is that I get to cook properly for a change rather than on the fly. Time's an issue normally but it's the one thing we've got to spare at the mo.

The restrictions I don't think are easily managed - I don't live with the Queen, ffs - but we'll adapt. Amusingly earlier, Mrs C buttered a slice of bread and left the knife on the board, a massive bugbear of mine because it usually means I unwittingly will get a handful of butter scrape later on.
"Are you going to leave that there to use again?"
"Because these restrictions mean that should be in for the wash"
"Get over yourself..."
At this point, pause a sec to let the tumblers drop
*Turns, picks knife up and drops it in the sink, looks at me, daring a response*

I have my victory, she knows I'll not speak. A smile isn't far from either of our lips - we have our moments.

Son is wearing a 1966 Everton Cup Final shirt I got him after I said to him last night that it was for him to wear about the house (he isn't a replica wearer outdoors). It is of course proper cotton and suitably comfy and warm. I'm putting out fires everywhere here...

Text, 5.11pm, 24/03/20

NHS Coronavirus Service: If you live alone, tell a friend or a family member you are self isolating. Talk to someone over the phone at least once a day.

If you get coronavirus such as a high temperature or a new persistent cough, seek clinical advice using https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19 as soon as possible. Call if you can't get online.

Read more if you live with others

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