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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 65

Posted 28th May 2020 at 19:13 by Cormack
Another day of sun and a stint in the garden with the Castel di Sangro tale. Ideally-lengthed chapters for an acceptable amount of exposure to the sun, the risk is obviously in staying out too long for me - I could be the shielder who's unlucky enough to get sunstroke.

Consequently, I go out later in the day when the sun's lower. Not soft, me...

Mrs C picked up my drugs and fulminated at the repeated saga that it seems to be. She also bought me some Daim minis, which is nice - I don't eat them by the fistful, they'll last a good while, but when my stocks are low of sweet treats, even though I don't demolish them, I start to get edgy for emergency supplies...

Recommended listening - Doobie Brothers, Listen to the Music

Hence recommended listening.

Dog has taken to sitting and lying down a lot as the heat gets to her. Mrs C will conduct a shearing session over the next few days, I reckon. On the dog.

Stay well
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