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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 54

Posted 17th May 2020 at 14:30 by Cormack
Twix brownies and race night.

A further bonus in that the cinder toffee (apparently a Welsh term; the English call it Hokey Pokey. Apparently England is easily confused with New Zealand and I was Welsh in the 70s in particular) is a firm favour with all, including Mrs C, who isn't a big chocolate fan but does love the more routine jellies and sugar-based stuff.

Easy dad points there, then.

The Twix brownies have come out really well, possibly the most consistent batch yet (although personally I like a gooey bottom - 'that's what she said') and they were on the table in the back room where we'd set up the monitor and board for race night.

We were given a race night DVD game as a Christmas present literally a lifetime ago - certainly before the kids were born - and we'd never used it. So, as a family kickabout, we set up for the first of two meetings (the next will be over Bank Holiday weekend) and had a buffet and jugs of juice for the kids. I took a flask. We used the game's money to play with, I was racemaster and a bettor as well, and at the end of the evening, you cashed out for sweets.

How did it go? It was really good fun. Eldest hit the last two winners for a nice bet on each, turned over a few places and all but doubled his nominal 5k; Mrs C played cautiously but well, hit a lot of places and came out slightly and nicely ahead having never been behind; youngest lost pennies playing similarly to Mrs C; and I lost the lot They got a mini Milky Way or Crunchie for each 1k, a chew sweet for each hundred and two minis for beating the book (i.e. me). They also got to trade back chews for bars and vice versa at a fair rate once they'd been divi'ed out. They were trying to ply me with sweets for my shellacking and even offered to pay me for my bookie services but I'd had fun, I was happy and I couldn't have wished for a better result, tbh.

Of course, if I want to plunder the sweet tub I can, I become the cook again right after, remember, but I neither have to nor want to. We're all looking forward to next week and the other half of the game, races 7-12.

Recommended listening - The Who, Behind Blue Eyes

Had resisted putting a Who track up until now but couldn't last any longer. The dilemma was which, so I let Alexa choose. This came up first. She has great taste. Apparently Limp Bizkit covered it and a lot of people didn't know the original, which proves (if you needed it) that people need a swift kick in the pants.

Anyone know the stone they've all 'Christened' on the album cover?

A good day.

Stay well
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