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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 35

Posted 28th April 2020 at 17:48 by Cormack
An uneventful Monday, albeit with glorious sunshine again for large hunks of it. Sands shifted in work again, but no problems, just a few rearranged priorities. A good day for homework, science that I knew and numbers that play to my inner and surface geek.

Brother did turn up and the fact that my hair is far, far shorter than his is a source of some amusement for us all, but I suppose you have to be there... The bike he has is tidy, just what he needs for what he wants to do during and after lockdown, but the spooky sight was when he turned side on and I saw his ear and hair around it - people say how much he looks like my old man and frankly, mum and I don't see it. However, his hair is now the length my old man more or less wore his and he has the same ear shape and hair colouring - but for the face, I could see my old man right there. Told my son to look at him only block out his face. That daft get covered his own face...

Random listening today. Found myself singing this all day.

Curry for tea, Mrs C had a sweet and sour, all very simple and very effective. A bit of a read and a few puzzles to keep the cogs turning, we're all keeping ourselves occupied.

Stay well
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