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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 30

Posted 23rd April 2020 at 14:09 by Cormack
Started the day that was bathed in sunshine but without the blowiness of the day before by cooking breakfast, post early work, listening to Ska with Alexa. Gave the day a real lift, proper summer feel and something to bounce around to.

Recommended listening - Dandy Livingstone, Rudy, A Message To You

Love the Specials homage cover version as well, but the original feels about ten degrees warmer

Maths with my youngest who was sat in with me (Mrs C and eldest are using dual screens in the back room which I don't often need) while I have my own work, fair dial-in with colleagues and an exceptional stint in the garden where we were all out there like an Oasis album cover, but with the bonus of the skittishmost of the cats having a prowl around while we were out there - she's a house cat but like any cat, she does love the sun's warmth.

Made three different teas (variations within a set of ingredients) and I don't care how much bragging it sounds, but they were excellent. My own was bound to cause me problems later through size and/or content but sod it, worth it.

Stay well
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