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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 91

Posted 23rd June 2020 at 10:39 by Cormack
Thirteen weeks completed and the full-on release is slated for the end of July. We'll see. A non-shielding pal who also works from home a fair bit has been told to expect not to visit his office until next year.

Recommended listening - Happy Mondays, Kinky Afro


Nets with my son again. He ricked his back a touch but his striking and timing is exceptional. I got him out as well, mind. Not bowling, but one of the kids is a very useful district player and as he was preparing to bowl, I said to him 'york him'. He did, and he played all over it. Everything else is coming together so once he irons that out, he's going to be hard to bowl to. The kids as they were queueing weren't trying to knock him over but contain him, including the district kid whose exact words were 'do not give him any width at all'. Got legside working again and even put a few straight drives in. Bloody good session and he knows it and I made sure he knows it.

IT hell at home, all but lost the day. No biggie.

Stay well
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