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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 109

Posted 11th July 2020 at 23:44 by Cormack
Mum sounded a touch 'off' on #109 - she'd been put back on oxygen and her BP was low; and was to be sent for a chest x-ray. She is a martyr to chest infections, and had been held back a day or two for the same on admission, so not necessarily unexpected

The day was work interspersed by son's nets, and the anticipation of a two-day mini round robin among the members, 6 squads, nine-a-side, to take place on #110 and #111, players sanitise, the ball wiped every six overs, the non-striker socially distanced and the umpire can't hold any equipment/kit. Limited facilities as well but we've a great club, we'll make it work. My shoulder precludes my playing but son is and will be dusting off his keeper gloves to boot.

Recommended listening - Cornershop, Brimful of Asha


Work was the antithesis of yesterday, skated through things that by and large should take a lot longer. Not complaining.

Stay well
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