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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 128

Posted 16th August 2020 at 15:41 by Cormack
Wednesday 30 July - DAY 128

Recommended listening - England World Cup Squad 1970, Back Home

Amusingly, the B-side (Cinnamon Stick) wasn't football-related, which was reflected in the quarter-finals when Gordon Banks wasn't available...

Spent the afternoon masked up at Mum's (brother is at large in public areas, coming from an outside facility as well) while waiiting for her to get home 1pm onwards. Looking in the fridge, you can see a single man is there on his own pro tem - a slice of bacon (who leaves one?), two slices of ham, a Double Decker (surprising, he's not a big chocolate eater), two remaining of three individual trifles, milk (amount not known) and eleven cans of Carling (unlike the chocolate, not a surprise).

Mum arrived and did the reverse of the lift scene in Shaun of the Dead as she was shelved down off the back of the ambulance clutching the bars and zimmer for her life. Yes it's safe but without anything substantial-sounding between you and the drop, I'd be a bag of nerves too (I'm no hero on metal bridges that rattle and clamg such as you'd find straddling a dock for the same reason)

She was in fair nick all things being equal, looked well, nothing to complain about in terms of care, she'd settled there nicely, she was in a walking cast and with a flip-flop-like shoe beneath and she'd even lost a bit of weight without going without, which would do the leg no harm. Good to have her out and we had a lengthy gab as did Mrs C when she came up with the kids. She'd now get to catch up with those who she couldn't get on her mobile, including her sister over in Oz who of course lost her husband during Mum's hospital stay.

Little else to report, the day being largely about the one pleasing event. Two days until a drop of restrictions, the end of the shield...

Stay well
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