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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 70

Posted 2nd June 2020 at 07:54 by Cormack
A few changes today.

I wore a belt.
I wore my watch.
I carried my keys.

Started the day with two dial-ins, the first which I took in the garden as if I were a law-breaking government éminence grise and which involved me moving all of fifteen feet south rather than 250 miles north. Then, after a morning at the pithead, we got the dog ready and after 70 days of not walking past the end of the drive, we went the park.

Recommended listing - Cat Stevens, Father and Son

Yes, my eldest was my company/carer for the journey so it seemed apt to throw this in having had it make my playlist randomly today (amusingly, from '70).

Ten minutes from my front door and I'm in my own Pooh fantasy of a 500 Acre Wood, Grassland, Hall and Farmland. Touch for that, AA Milne. We covered roughly two-and-a-half miles, just under 5000 paces (my incidental step counter went out as well) in an hour and a bit, largely off the beaten track for distancing purposes, of course. The dog approved, and son and I kicked about an English project he has upcoming from which we found a hook for him to exploit. Even my duff shoulder improved, presumably because it was doing something other than cooking, although my left groin developed a slight, dull twinge, like the coughing engine of a tractor bought in Storage Wars or whatever it's called that turns over at the third go for the camera.

I'll take that.

I'll be more than happy if it's gentle exercise that works on my shoulder because I can't extend at the minute and have the lifting power of a small child. Ten weeks...

Park was busy without being busy, clutches of people scattered around but with enough room to be more than far enough away from them as we went by, the sun was glorious and the impact was that son needed a nap later (he'd been up early as well), I briefly took the knock as well (about 5pm for ten minutes or so) and the dog simply did what dogs do, with a slight increase in contentment.

Big bowl of pasta for tea, mince and veggies, not something I usually go for, tbh, but we'd planned on it from the day before and it was tidy. The one other thing was a pre-lockdown find - I had bought a store of sweets for the kids and Mrs C, loaded them into an old M&S biscuit tin and promptly forgot anout them. Haribo heaven for the other three as a result (even I had a bit although it's not usually my bag, none intended)

A very good day

Stay well
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