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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 129

Posted 18th August 2020 at 23:05 by Cormack
Thursday 31 July - DAY 129

Haven't had a Queen track so far and given I've both used this on the "Lyrics" thread as well as it being apposite to my nominal end of shielding. I've had my letter, I am released into the wider community with the wider community measures now being the measures to follow. The letter is suitably ambiguous - I'm just like everybody else (we've had a Kinks track) until I'm not and I can be like everybody else until I can't.

Aces. Still, last day, so...

Recommended listening - Queen, Don't Stop Me Now

Over 600m views

Son has an away game tomorrow night so I meaningfully breach the city boundaries for the first time in forever. I also have a journey out of town planned for work/personal reasons on Thursday 6 August and I have hospital eyes tomorrow. Not normality by a long chalk but I'm back into society under my own recognizance.

Stay well
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