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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 90

Posted 22nd June 2020 at 23:26 by Cormack
Very late update for Sunday #90

Anyone of my age or thereabouts who, as a teen, had to have glasses will remember this well enough.

Recommended listening - Barry Gray, The Theme To Joe90

Always a pretty poor skit as I loved all the Gerry Anderson stuff. He should have never given it up to represent Sinn Fein.

Social Services would be all over that now, mind.
"What are you doing in the lab today, love?"
"Experimenting on Joe"
"OK. Dinner's at three, don't forget. Make sure you wash your hands before you come in for it"
"Will do."

Pretty quiet day yesterday. Father's Day notwithstanding, the kids slept until some ridiculous hour and I had a Columbo marathon. Made a second pan of brownies in two days (daughter unavailable on #89, doubled down on the weekend with the quite magical Toffee Crisp as the Special Guest Star - Patrick McGooey) and normal service was restored. If lockdown has improved one thing on me, it's my 'eye' cooking skills - undercooking isn't something I ever did but overcooking (we've all done it, that grain of self doubt) seems to have gone from my repertoire. I've improved a few techniques as well - I'm sharper and better and the kids are picking up the same, which is nice.

Stay well
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