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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 89

Posted 21st June 2020 at 17:23 by Cormack
I'm looking at an exit strategy for this thread now - 100 days is on July 1 and seems a fair marker. Maybe I'll visit if just for retrospectives if I'm still here. There's been a therapy in doing it and if nothing else, it's a re-read that mightn't be the most edifying but at least has a decent backing track, a little something for everyone. Which reminds me...

Recommended listening - AC/DC, Whole Lotta Rosie

I recall being in a music shop and seeing a book of I think 22 AC/DC Arrangements for Ukulele which had me thinking of how great it would have been for George Formby to have covered You Shook Me All Night Long. "Knocking me out with those American thighs, he he".

Ah, let's have that as well.

Not usually my bag but they are a unit, let's face it.

The last day of Royal Ascot had me quite literally break even for the week, I think - the sums wouldn't be worth dredging, there'd be about a packet of Haribo either way, and not a big pack. Good start, dire middle, held my own at the end. They should shut out the hats and the drunks every year, and I shouldn't desert some horses no matter how much I think I should...

Quiet day otherwise. Made brownies, wasn't happy with the result, they were underdone. Turned out after their secondary in-pan cook on cooling they received rave reviews. They were all right but I saw the worst of them and I'm not convinced. Did some washing while the racing was on, had a pizza for tea, almost an old-style Saturday.

Stay well
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