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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 73

Posted 5th June 2020 at 19:52 by Cormack
The day the weather turned. Someone mentioned cricket and the rain fell.

The park, which had been largely underwater all winter after an outside event there set it back a decade and all but created lakes of standing water, will nevertheless continue to be suitably dry but sufficiently lush. What it did mean was that we'd have a lot of the park to ourselves.

Sadly, I couldn't exploit it as I'd had a slightly off night, but still managed the 'short loop' round the double paddock, about forty minutes. Our conversations as we loop take on a life of their own and it was my daughter and I's turn to chew the fat. My son uses the time to brainstorm stuff with me as a rule, my daughter to explore deeper something she'll have a bit of background on. Genealogy, name etymology and conventions and local and social history yesterday. This lockdown, among other things, has given us a chance to expand our knowledge in general - a tidy upside, all things being equal, watching them develop soft skills in real time.

Recommended listening - Pulp, Disco 2000

Just because I can.

Stay well
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