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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 68

Posted 31st May 2020 at 12:25 by Cormack
Saturday, and although brownies are a weekend thing, apparently I get abuse from the non-participants if we don't make them today.

We're missing a vital ingredient (which Mrs C is finding difficult to find) but I'm supposed to jury-rig a version? Oh no, not on. We have a guaranteed source for Day 69 (prepare for Bryan Adams, given the weather).

Put up a paddling pool which took surprisingly long to inflate (you only inflate the top rim) and a week to fill and wrenched my aching shoulder even further and felt lousy for it, so went on even lighter duties for the rest of the day. The new neighbours are making use of the garden (day 2) in a manner that is so socially acceptable that the dog declined the opportunity to bark for no good reason, which is a rarity. The house that backs on to ours, not so much. It looked like a five year cast reunion of Byker Grove, and there were enough teens there to keep Graham Rix busy for a couple of weeks. Especially if he had a go on both wings, so to speak. In fairness, they have a bit of room and a decent setting but I'll lay odds there were multiple households and no distancing involved.

Either way, I preceded all this with a stint out in the sun, marvelling that the book actually managed to go even more bizarre, and went out for some more later, nominally supervising the hosepipe. The feel of the heat of the sun is more than welcome.

Recommended listening - Wham!, Freedom

The preamble, relating to the tour of China, seems like it could have been written around this crisis. It is a massive summer-sounding song that I remember a bloke at Uni once saying that 'you can't but help yourself doing the dance with the double fist pump'. This was a bloke who looked like he could neighbour Sir Mark Prescott, and he had a point. Hang on, did I just see Andrew Ridgley trying to pass himself off as Stan Bowles?

So why this chunk of froth? Well, the leaked news on #68 was that it was to be announced on #69 that I'd be allowed some sort of outings, once a day, from #70 onwards. Freedom is of course relative, and a slice of bread is a feast to a starving man. The dog will be pleased.

Stay well
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