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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 84

Posted 16th June 2020 at 21:05 by Cormack
Target day. Week twelve completed and it was surprisingly easy to manage in general with the odd wobble but I'd have the odd wobble on any twelve week spell.

Changes? Well, a dozen eggs could last weeks before lockdown. As we stand at the minute, I reckon we're nudging three hundred for the period, possibly even just beyond that. Proper breakfasts about the four of us (Mrs C a huge fan, son converted, daughter always likes a couple of goes a week and I occasionally have a couple or an omelette) and regular baking (weekly brownies alone counts for three dozen). As a marker, a five dozen box at the start of the month is now into single figures.


Gone through a fair bit of chicken. Had time to play about with fish as well. Lost a bit of weight. Adapted to full time home working a bit shakily and had some good school sessions with the kids. Confused the dog for ten weeks of sunshine where I couldn't go out.

As for the last day itself, had a dire night's sleep and it threw me out all day. Went to a longer nets session (bigger groups allowed) with my eldest but left him in the hands of the coaches as Mrs C and I did a comfortable lap of the parl with the hound. She almost got a squirrel this time out, much to the surprise of the hound ho ho Tarby. The squirrels of South Liverpool obviously aren't as skittish as those of further north and eastern bits of the city. Really pleasant loop in the sun, and as my lad was winding up with some catching practice (Buckets Jr) the rain started to put in a bid and made the outfield greasy enough to stop just after time. The jazz quartet were there again; we didn't sing dirges in the dark, but they did play this

Recommended listening - Hoagy Carmichael, Georgia On My Mind

The badmintoners were there again, two clutches of footballers (one more rigorously set up than the other) and on the top ground, an immense turnout of the ECB All Stars kids for the first time they've been allowed since forever. We'd had a cloudburst at around 4pm but the ground is in fair nick and had comfortably dried out in the succeeding two hours.

Waiting for my next orders, but I don't see the shields going right away.

Stay well.
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