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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 82

Posted 14th June 2020 at 09:52 by Cormack
A wrinkle I found interesting. I have a step counter I tend to have on me all the time (I'm not assiduous about it but I do rarely forget it) and have had from 2015. Month by month, I tend to come out roughly the same. Yearly totals are uncommonly close to each other, acknowledging a lot of wider routine.

This year might be a little out.

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Very lazy day, no-one really got going and even cooking was a simple, scratch effort. A late rally to put our weekly brownies together but I even had an afternoon nap, which hasn't been a recent facet of my day.

Brought some washing in with the intention of hanging more. Rain fell within two minutes. I feel like Derren Brown. Big thunderstorm later as well, which didn't please the dog.

Recommended listening - The Selecter, On My Radio

One of those things you had to say - Frank Bough , 'wife Nesta', The Selecter, 'lead singer Pauline'. Amusingly, that's a stage name as well.

I hadn't put up a bit of Ska for a while, thought it was about time.

Stay well
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