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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 81

Posted 13th June 2020 at 10:54 by Cormack
Another net session tonight and that lad of mine has some eye. Absolutely no defence, but he can get away with a lot because he misses precious little - pretty much everything on or just outside off stump got drilled into the covers right off the middle. Hugely susceptible to the yorker, though, and needs to work on softer hands which I'll try and get into him without ruining the good stuff. The development in him over a year though has been phenomenal. He can score runs, whereas I only ever really accrued them. He's also beginning to use his height wth the ball in dragging a bit of bounce out of the surface and is a yard or two sharper for having had a couple of sessions. Could not be more pleased for him as he's clearly enjoying it, and indeed life in general at the minute given the current circumstances. I toyed with having a bowl but my shoulder has some serious issues - quite simply, I can't rotate it fully in one movement. I can't even bring it beyond shoulder level when trying to deliver. Not happy about it, I would like the option, even if just off a couple of paces, but no.

Recommended listening - Bedouin Soundclash, When The Night Feels My Song

Felt a bit jauntier towards the end of the week, baked another batch of cookies (still at the trial stage of course, but these if anything were better again than yesterday's) and so there's a track that reflects that to me.

Swung by Mum's for a bit on the way back, I know she's having a hard week so it doesn't hurt to break that up and see the kids, and Mum came out and sat on her wheelie while Mrs C and the kids stretched out on the grass, most convivial. She hadn't seen the dog in forever and the dog, despite only having ever been there a handful of times (occasionally in the car which defeats the object, but too far to walk for her, really, but we have made a day of it and done it along the old railway) knew well before we got there where we were going - she remembers he blisses, it seems. Hard to work out who was the more pleased to see the other. The dog, in getting her titbits as well, probably swings it.

Not. A bad. Day.

Stay well
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