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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 94

Posted 26th June 2020 at 01:47 by Cormack
Mum was kept in overnight, she had a cast put on and they're going to have to pin her ankle when/if they can get by the swelling - if it's 'when', it's next week, if it's 'if', it's Friday, #95. She's getting from A to B with assistance so can access facilities on her own and it was a coin flip that they'd send her home to come back next week for a review and surgery. She is her normal self "upstairs", though, and gregarious enough, so it looks a lot better than it did for a few seconds yesterday.

She's not allowed "outside clothes", only hospital fatigues and the gear she went in wearing, which she was annoyed about getting dusty off the floor but we can get a phone to her and they'll allow reading materials, say, so I bundled up a few books and Mrs C ran them up to the hospital - I was not allowed by her - and did the legwork over sorting her out a phone (we have a couple of formers knocking about) which should be boxed off in the morning. Mrs C doesn't half put in some hard yards, I think we're quite lucky to have each other - the bits one of us is a bit crap at, the other excels. I'm still confident I get more out of the deal, mind, but if she needs fuelling there are few who know what she likes to eat more than I do, herself included, and that's a handy capacity to have when you're the old man getting older and you're not the gymnast you weren't before...

It was Mum's/our cousin's (and I didn't know but also goddaughter's) funeral today as well. It's a generational blurred line because, big family, Mum is the oldest child of an older sister and our cousin is the youngest of a younger sister, so she's closer to me and our kid in age but obviously was in the big sister role to a certain degree as she and Dad did live with them for a spell. It's been a fraught ten days or so (my aunt, Mum's sister, has been informed that my uncle is now in palliative care out in Australia - he has had Alzheimer's progressively over the last 7 to 10 years and has been in a care home for the last couple after a steeper decline) and if you could stop and let us get a bit of a handhold, please, that'd be nice?

Apparently Liverpool won the League tonight? My uncle, a massive Red, is sadly beyond recognising it and I of course wish my old man had lived to see one more - he'd have loved Klopp's style. Rumour is that some of the fireworks going off all over the place at around 10.10 were from Standard's. I only noticed because I was out bringng in pasta and telling a neighbour they'd left their car lights on at the very moment of what I assume was the final whistle. Still don't know the score now.

Stay well
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Mister Logic's Avatar
Just caught up, expecting a quick skim to see you are still alive, and it transpires Iíve missed a whole episode of Casualty. Best wishes to your Mum and the rest of you, now youíre over what must have been an awful shock at the time.
Posted 26th June 2020 at 07:04 by Mister Logic Mister Logic is offline
Cormack's Avatar
As long as we don't have to accept any repeat fees, ML. I've seen Mum drunk once in her life and helpless once in her life, and they were both standouts I'll never forget. I don't much care for the latter. The former, she gave me a yo-yo, which, given she'd been to a works do, is one of those questions to which you'd love to know the answer but the introduction of Mundania could ruin the moment. FWIW I'd have been eighteen...
Posted 26th June 2020 at 08:22 by Cormack Cormack is offline
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