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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 93

Posted 25th June 2020 at 18:09 by Cormack
Where to begin? The hottest day of the year and COVID-19 restrictions are a potent combination.

Mum came up again today to get out of the house and again we sat out the back, Frost/Nixon style (neither of us are impeachable liars, mind) for a couple of hours tops. Neither of us are heroes in the sun, either, and we seemed OK. As she prepared to leave, though, I was putting on a t-shirt and as I turned back, Mum stood up, literally went white and slumped and crashed out on the floor and was glassy-eyed, open-mouthed and unresponsive. I bent over to try and see what I could do, shouted Mrs C for help and my son was there within a few seconds by which time Mum was back and her normal self, albeit slightly disoriented. She'd hadn't been out long enough for me to need to try and revive her, but she had been out. True to form, she refused an ambulance for fifty minutes but she'd done some damage to her ankle, couldn't stand and got herself used to the idea. By this time I was supporting her in sitting up by sitting on a chair behind her, which made us look somewhere between a Wacky Races car and the jalopy in the Beverly Hillbillies where I would have been Grandma/Grannie/it was Irene Ryan.

An ambulance came and the crew did their usual sterling work, raised her safely and got her on board in a chair and transferred to a chair rather than a bed, her say so. She's restored to full colour and faculties in no time and we'd sat in managed shade subsequently so she could easily provide her own vitals and I filled in the obvious gaps. Having been outside for around five hours and of course static at this point, when she was assessed and got to hospital, she came out as slightly dehydrated and with a fracture to her ankle. She had to stay in overnight (I thought she'd hit her head pretty hard but it appears we have hard heads) but was in usual spirits and was taking her own fluids rather than being on a drip.

There's three of us (brother, niece and me) and our kid came down as soon as we could get hold of him as he's holding the fort with Mum while my niece, although shielding, is a care worker so has the management experience of aftercare and I have the ward rota experience from the patient side as well and am nearest to the hospital. We're like a think tank of all steps, which in the current climate is not bad experience to have - no-one can ride in the ambulance, no-one can visit and no clothes etc. can be sent in for stayers although they'll allow books and such. She would have to stay over because of the bump and having been out whoch, as I was the only one who witnessed the bump, I have to admit, I was not unhappy about.

Wonderful show all round from all staff in all departments and something that looked extremely serious may have been a juxtaposition of heat, low blood pressure and a resultant break and the last may now be the more serious concern of the three.

Stay well
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Been enjoying the diary, then this. Happened to my mum low blood pressure and fell down stairs - two fractures/spine. She never complains.

Liverpool Women are made of tough stuff. Hope your mum makes a speedy recovery.
Posted 25th June 2020 at 23:39 by thejug thejug is offline
Cormack's Avatar
She's a lot better in the update from today, Juggy. As you say, tough. My grandad was a peaceable bloke who garnered a lot of respect and my nan was a six-stone typical martinet/matriarch (she'd indulge the kids within reason, be a touchstone for the adults but would indulge no panhandling or disrespect) who, when evacuation went ahead in the war, evacuated for one day up the Fylde and then decided she's sooner face Hitler down on home turf and took them all back. Mum spent the air raids in the coal holes of the South End. She's her parents' daughter.

There's no visiting currently for obvious reasons, which is a huge blow, but she'll not struggle for conversation on the ward and we should be able to speak to her tomorrow Friday
Posted 26th June 2020 at 00:49 by Cormack Cormack is offline
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