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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 86

Posted 18th June 2020 at 14:44 by Cormack
A couple of firsts this day. There was a suitable bump in the weather so Mum took a cab ride up to get out of the house and sat in our garden for a couple of hours with me with Mrs C in nearby attendance, at work indoors with the French window open to its fullest. The kids milled about a bit and the dog once again went berserk and demolish around a half pound of 'treat meat'. And I went out on my own with the dog after Mrs C ran Mum home. Dog and I did a modified short loop, just under an hour, which was most pleasant.

The evening, however, brought its own issues. One of our cousins (technically Mum's cousin but closer to my brother and me in age) has been ill with sepsis and other side issues and had been hospitalised in ICU. She had been put on a ventilator and into an induced coma but they took her off it. She responded and improved slightly but yesterday, relapsed and passed away in the early evening. Turns out that sepsis aside, she had developed COVID-19. One of her daughters is 30+ weeks pregnant, and as a branch of the family - my grandmother was one of many sisters and one brother, it's one of the sister branches) they've had more than their share of tragedy over time. She was the youngest of five kids and there's only the older lad left and he's not too far past 60. We've behaved as a family, so how she contracted it we don't know, but she was well loved and likeable and she'll be very much missed about the extended family but the immediate family of husband and kids/grandkids are destroyed.

Stay well, please.
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Sorry to hear that C.
Posted 18th June 2020 at 14:54 by Mister Logic Mister Logic is offline
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We'd feared the worst last week, ML, and they took her off the ventilator as it looked as if she wasn't benefitting and so to make her more comfortable but it appears she'd improved a degree for that. Still a shock, and all the cousins - again, largely women - do still bounce about each other (they all go abroad in a girls' clutch each year, for example) and are at a huge loss. I think the blow has been softened through that expectancy, but it's only a slight tempering.
Posted 18th June 2020 at 15:17 by Cormack Cormack is offline
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