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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 38

Posted 1st May 2020 at 01:57 by Cormack
Nightmare of a day. Had an email sent to the work account that was the size of Belgium. Consequently spent the day trying to land it, Moby Dick-style, as it had destroyed my day (was on a presentation first thing that I essentially missed because of this data blocker) and I was in no way going to get anything done in the near future until I shifted it.

Mentally wore me out. Everything I seemed to touch went to dust as well as a result, as if the vibes were transmitted from the non-responsive IT.

On the upside, my son was doing trigonometric stuff but had no idea what SOHCAHTOA is, nor had they covered how to use it and what it involved. I dusted off my 30+ year-old skills and nailed it, first crack, giving him a tutorial as we went along. Quite pleased with myself, I won't deny it.

Had a bit of a light-headed spin earlier as I rummaged about in the freezer and then stood up and my circulation was caught napping and I almost was. No music today, head totally scrambled.

Stay well
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