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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 36

Posted 29th April 2020 at 17:05 by Cormack
As the seal is well and truly broken on Week Six, we had a social dial-in at work which was a tidy way to spend an hour - we're not a bad bunch and we don't go for artificial fun (Mrs C was on one where they had a books quiz, which she'd hate and refused any further such nonsense, but which I'd shut down first crack by hogging the answers...) so it was a pleasant round table where all that was missing was a few scoops.

Scratch lasagne (both a meat and a veggie) for tea which I don't know why but I very rarely have myself although I love it, but I fancied a bit of graft to occupy me in light of it tanking down outside all day. Decent.


Recommended listening - John Denver, Take Me Home, Country Roads

Who knew Billie Jean King had such a voice?

Usual homework and I regressed to 1984 and struggled to get oxidation and reduction the right way round. Wish someone would have taught me OIL RIG back then...

Stay well
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