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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 15

Posted 7th April 2020 at 21:45 by Cormack
A couple of letters today which I covered on the Coronavirus thread. Seems to me Hancock wants to know, as my old man would have had it, 'the ins and outs of a duck's arse'. Yeah, no thanks.

Had a quiet day otherwise. The one milestone I did make today was 'personal shortest haircut ever'. Mrs C went at me with a set of clippers and since I'm a house convict, I asked for a No. 3 all over. No-one is going to see me until June and so just do it.

I look like one of
(i) Rookie squaddies in a film who turn up to be bawled out by Lou Gossett Jr and then buzz cut
(ii) A concentration camp inhabitant (Mrs C's assessment)
(iii) A rural Russian mass murderer/cannibal
I was unaware of how hairlines recede over time. I did toy with the idea of a tuppenny all-off but Mrs C would not have it.

I'm quite pleased with it.

Stay well
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