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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 8

Posted 31st March 2020 at 23:27 by Cormack
Second consecutive day without any NHS texts, Given the texts I received at the weekend, I can't help but feel that the texter-in-chief on Sunday was doing the equivalent of a radio DJ playing 'Hotel California' so he can take a dump and read the back page, and this lack of text would be in line with that.

Felt less flat today, every day can't be gold, I suppose. Mrs C did the big payday shop today and pitched a beauty; she also gave the car a proper drink at Costco, all but filling the tank for 30 with under-a-pound-a-litre petrol.

Family member previously mentioned has now been hospitalised and is on a drip and face mask oxygen. Trying times indeed. We were all occupied here today workwise, and afterwards, eldest went into the garden and set himself up with a five-a-side goal to at least keep his shooting in order.

Finished the day with smoked haddock, pepper-flaked butter, mash and mushy peas and a proper beer. Feeling quite smug with that, it was simple but awesome.

Stay well
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