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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 3

Posted 26th March 2020 at 17:36 by Cormack
We cracked today. Mrs C isn't happy about the colour I am and having already decided to sit by the French window, I was afforded garden access...

Wish I'd seen this first, then

Text, 12.34pm, 26/03/20

NHS Coronavirus Service:
- Keep moving to stay healthy
- Do some simple stretches and walk around.
- Be kind to yourself
- Spend time doing things you enjoy - reading, cooking and other indoor hobbies
- Try to eat healthy, weel-balanced meals, and drink enough water
- Spending time with the windows open to let in fresh air, sit and look out at the world where you can, or get out into the garden or sit on your doorstep if you can.
To opt out reply STOP.


OK, we decided to let me break ranks before we saw that as it is technically contradictory, but of course the 'don't go out' advice is for both communal flat dwellers and detached residences alike. I'm retaining the other restrictions obviously but it's good to have at least the isolated outlet. I'm lucky in that aspect, but anyone living a floor up in a shared building has my utmost sympathy - it can be soul-destroying if you aren't a house cat.

It is great to be out. I hung a wash out and read a bit of Sundial in the Shade, the biography of Barry Richards. Promising start in excellent sunshine. It is warm enough to take my shirt off and go full on for the vitamin D and so I did. It feels good and it had only been two days. Someone had Pink Floyd playing across the back and there was a spousal argument that got a bit loud afterwards (assuming unrelated) - it was almost high summer.

Workwise, it's been an easier day today - son had inadvertently completed one of today's yesterday (chemistry) and whatever he had today was well within his compass as he was annoying his co-workers (I'm in the other room on my own with the occasional sidearm of the dog) and daughter, who had also been looking a bit peaky, did all her stuff in the house and then outside lying on the trampoline on her barracks relief, although she has been going out for her round with the dog. Mrs C has more of a day on but she's dealing in rote rather than fire fighting. IT connection has been a bit average to say the least but all caught up, no bother.

The advice above has sent me into relatively smug mode. Mrs C has already voiced how my being partially retired would be great if we were to live like this, eating well and sensibly (I'm cooking exclusively at the mo) and given I'm doing all three pastimes (Lego yacht to box off later, plentiful books for all available) the list above is almost a list of how we're living. In seriousness, though, we've only been at it a couple of days but it seems we've carved a niche - we're in a good routine of sorts and have our gaps and breaks well in place (I break for Tenable as my "necessary" - don't judge me) and getting settled is one less concern.

We've run out of peppers. That's an oversight more than anything else but if that's our biggest cock-up, I'll take that any day. I do like my peppers, though, and especially as I largely get the green to myself. Having Mexican tonight. Don't have peppers. Bah.

I've had a couple of duff nights, tbh, but I reckon that's down to eating well, perversely - the Crohn's can raise an eyebrow at a full stomach in my case. Generally though I feel pretty well and that sunshine has done me no harm.

Stay well.
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Mister Logic's Avatar
Just caught up. Itís a bit like Man In The Iron Mask.
Posted 27th March 2020 at 11:06 by Mister Logic Mister Logic is offline
Cormack's Avatar
I went for the more fictional Dumas, ML, and always fancied being a count (the 'o' of course is a bonus) after extensive Sesame Street as a kid, ha ha haaah, but yes, I have had that comparison in play already...
Posted 27th March 2020 at 21:18 by Cormack Cormack is offline
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