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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 51

Posted 14th May 2020 at 10:45 by Cormack
#51 started with the zombie apocalpyse.

At 4.30 to 5am, we lost power. I assumed one of the appliances had tripped but when I actually got enough light to check the fortunately very accessible board, all were intact. The alarm, however, was extremely upset and was wailing away.

After a few minutes I noticed the early-rising builder who lives opposite was on the drive looking about, and the tone of our alarm had changed -or had it? I went outside and shared a few across-the-road words with him as we were the only two had been woken up by it and we pieced together what had happened.

We had regressed to the 70s and the dead were about to rise - the entire area was in a power cut and with us isolated by the virus, alarms a-wailing (they seemed to go in shifts, which I find suspicious), it's almost as if the zombies were being directed to us. I powered up my steam-driven laptop (ok, unplugged but charged) and activated my phone which acts as a server, and slowly, painfully, loaded up the power update pages to tell them...

They already knew, it'd be back on by ten to seven. Stand down the sharpened sticks and honed Sabatier set, there would be no suburbian brains eaten this day.

Recommended listening - OMD, Electricity

The Wirral's finest, which maybe surprisingly would include Ian Botham (b. Heswall) in that list, were huge musical innovators, clearly influenced by Kraftwerk and How To Dress For Your Career In Accountancy In The 1980s. Natural choice for #51 given the above.

No-one else in the house woke up. In the Zombie Apocalypse, I will have the role of Shaun and I'll get to see them eaten, so my mental state by that point might be a little 'off'...

Not like now of course, ahahahahaha

Thing is, that scuppered the whole day as my sleep was all over the place as was everything else. The crash came mid-afternoon. The kids celebrated the re-establishment of power by turning and leaving every light on. Like I said, they slept through it all, could have been any of the previous 50...

Stay well
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