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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 22

Posted 14th April 2020 at 23:14 by Cormack
Quiet working day today and felt a bit off in the afternoon so had to sleep it off an hour or so. Did a food shop online with Iceland, will be interesting to see how many items are unavailable (was about a third last time).

Anyone trying to use Iceland, btw, be aware that delivery slots are added throughout the day and appear to be particularly increased in availability when around one of the slot handover times. Worth filling your basket and arranging a slot by refreshing until one comes open. You can amend your order until 11pm that same day, so you don't have to be finalised when a slot comes up. Very handy, and you are refunded any item they can't honour and if it's part of a deal, you still get the proportion of the deal you'd have got had it been completed, so the 2, 2 for 3.50, if you only get one, you get it for the 1.75.

I got 12pm tomorrow and you have the option of a 'contact free' delivery, so anyone who is tied to the house as I am, it's a handy to have.

Relative is out of ICU and breathing unaided. Also has a neck-breathing device in place, presumably as a safeguard against having to reintubate should he need help during recovery.

Realised what has been bugging me to a slight degree the last couple of days. No-one is snarling at each other, we're like the Swiss Family Robinson on ecstasy in comparison to the normal edgy bustle of a household on the move. It ain't natural, I tells ya.

Stay well
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